Development and implementation of self-service solutions for B2B clients

Starting from March 2022 „Abtex" Ltd. is commencing a project to develop and implement a self-service solution for B2B firm's clients. It will enable the company's services to be ordered and managed online securely and seamlessly while being capable to send and receive information such as bills for the services provided.

Project's result – the development of a self-service solution software program that will be integrated within the company's business management system. Additionally, the project's scope includes installation and configuration of the software as well as 36-month technical support starting from its installation date.

The company will accomplish the project's objectives by effectively managing time and resources.

The project is funded by the European regional development fund as a European Union response measure to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Name of the project - Development and implementation of self-service management and ordering solutions for B2B clients.

Project executor – „Abtex" Ltd.

Project start date: March 2nd, 2022

Project end date: October 28th, 2022